In line with the information and projects from the employer, communication is established with the customer


By recognizing the institution, the necessary determination is made to use the right product in the right place. A concept and project suitable for the institution is developed. The system to be used is defined


In line with the concept deemed appropriate, the proposal, plan and views are prepared and presented to the customer, the project is analyzed by making on-site detection


After the proposal is approved by the employer, a production and assembly deadline is given to the employer. Plan and elevation approvals are received


The production file is prepared in line with the data given by our technical department, and the production work order is given to the production


Produced partition wall systems are shipped to the area to be assembled on the deadline, assembly begins and the project is completed


With the employer representative, the measurements taken as a result of the discovery are sent to the technical office and progress payment is prepared


After the progress payment is approved by the employer, it is transferred to the accounting department, the invoice is issued and the project is completed by delivering the project to the employer